Competition Format and Rules:



The competition has two tracks: service robot track and manufacturing track. Teams can participate in either or both tracks because they will be carried out in series, one after the other. In both tracks, a complete robotic system should be used. All tasks should be performed autonomously without any human input. Teleoperation is NOT allowed.

Service Robot Track:
The ten tasks in the competition have been announced (Download HERE)

Ten example tasks, their setups, and competition rules are provided with detail >>HERE<<. Each team has 120 minutes to gain as many points as possible. Some of these example tasks will be performed during the competition. More tasks will be released after the registration day. All ten tasks in the competition will be released one month before the competition day. The competition setups will be accessible two days before the competition.

Manufacturing Track:
The manufacturing tasks in the competition have been announced (Details are at HERE)

There will be four manufacturing tasks in the competition. Their overview is at >>HERE<<. All of the tasks will be released two months before the competition. The competition setups will be accessible two days before the competition. To ensure sufficient preparation, the organizers, Yasuyoshi Yokokohji and Joe Falco, will send selected teams the competition setups in three tasks after reviewing the registration submissions.

Tentative PRIZES


First Place in Service Robot -- $3,000 + ReFlex 1 Gripper (tentative)

Second Place in Service Robot -- $1,500 (tentative)
Third Place in Service Robot -- $500 (tentative)

First Place in Manufacturing -- $3,000 (tentative)

Second Place in Manufacturing -- $1,500 (tentative)

Third Place in Manufacturing -- $500 (tentative)


By RightHand Robotics: "ReFlex 1 is our most affordable gripper, starting as low as $3000. It features modular fingers, 5 degrees of freedom, 3 compliant and under-actuated fingers, a compliant palm, USB communication, and a ROS package. You can connect the ReFlex 1 to any robot arm with our new quick-mount adapter. A library of modular finger options are available or use our tutorials to design your own." ReFlex 1 Gripper

Travel Support

IROS generously provides travel support $500 to each selected team.
Additional travel support (up to $1,000) will be provided to each selected team.


Robotic Arm Support

QKM Technology will provide several Athena series SCARA robots to selected teams. QKM will also generously cover the shipping cost. The robots could be shipped to the teams a couple of months before the competition, or to the competition site. QKM Athena SCARA


  • September 24-25, Preparation and Dry-Run
  • September 26, Competition
  • Morning: Manufacturing Track:
    8:30am-9:30am: Preparation.
    9:30-10:30: Task 1
    11:00-12:00: Task 2

    Afternoon: Service Track:
    1:30-2:30: Preparation
    2:30pm-4:30pm: All 10 tasks in service tasks


Service Robot Track:

1. University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Members: Radhen Patel, John Kim, Albert Dayn, and Nikolaus Correll (Team Leader)
Hardware:Hardware: Kinova robotic arm and hand

2. Cothink Robotics, China
Members: Bin Hu (Team Leader), Yuan Ma, Qiuqiu Li, Wei Li, Tanrong Bing

3. Sigma 7, Japan
Members: Damien Petit (Team Leader), Kei Ikeda, Yuya Sato, Ryo Matsumura, Hitoe Ochi
Hardware:Nextage Robot (Kawada Robotics)

4. CambridgeARM, UK
Members: Josie Hughes (Team Leader), Kieran Gilday, Michael Cheah
Hardware: UR Arm, team's own robotic hand

5. Kanzawa Shinshu, Japan
Members: Tokuo Tsuji (Team Leader), Seiji Wakamatsu, Masanari Tennomi, Taichi Kitamura, Taichi Higashide
Hardware: Melfa RV-1A by Mitsubishi Electronics

6. FEIFAN AI, China
Members: Wenzhong Zhou (Team Leader), Jianqiu Gong, Gang Dong, Yong Liu, Xiaodong Zhao
Hardware: Team's own robot arm

7. Tsinghua University and Intel Corporation, China
Members: Fuchun Sun (Team Leader), Bin Fang, Chao Yang, Mingxuan Jing, Tao Wang
Hardware: UR Arm

Manufacturing Track:

1. Tsinghua University, China
Members: Huaping Liu (Team Leader), Yikai Wang, Xiaocheng Yang, He Liu, Luxuan Li
Hardware: UR Arm

2. University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
The same team members and hardware as in the Service Robot Track

3. Cothink Robotics, China
The same team members and hardware as in the Service Robot Track

4. Sigma 7, Japan
The same team members and hardware as in the Service Robot Track

5. Kanzawa Shinshu, Japan
The same team members and hardware as in the Service Robot Track

6. FEIFAN AI, China
The same team members and hardware as in the Service Robot Track

Organizing Committee

Yu Sun (primary contact person)

University of South Florida

Zoe Doulgeri

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Erik D. Engeberg

Florida Atlantic University

Joseph Falco


Yunjiang Lou

Haerbin Institute of Technology at Shenzhen

Hyungpil Moon

SungKyunKwan University

Maximo Roa


Yasuyoshi Yokokohji

Kobe University


Releaseing part of the task pool:   April 15, 2017
Registration deadline for travel award:   July 1, 2017
Acceptance and Travel Support Announcement:   July 15, 2017

Competition Registration

Teams from academia and industry are equally welcome to participate. One person can only participate in one team. Each team cannot have more than 5 members (including the team leader). Each team will need to provide the following information to register:
1. A one-page description about your team. It should include the names of team members, their affiliations and contacts, who the team leader is, which track to participate, if bring a robotic arm or not, if need travel support or not, a brief description of the team's technology.
2. A short video to demonstrate the team's capability of participating in the competition.
-- For Service Robot Track, you are welcome to demonstrate your capability using the released example tasks.
-- For Manufacturing Track, you are encouraged to perform the task in the released Manufacturing Track Qualifier (Download it >>HERE<<). The components in the qualifier could be 3D printed out using the provided design (Download it >>HERE<<).

Each team must email the one-page description in PDF and a link to the video to yusun AT prior to the deadline.

Visa Information will be provided after the IROS Competition Registration at >>HERE<<.